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Kay Jeweler Watches For Men And Women.

Perchance one of the greatest inventions of all time is that of a Kay Wrist Watch. Who would have believed that somebody could actually wear a tiny clock on their wrist and be able to tell time? They are suitable, fashionable and practical not to mention handy. Possessing a watch makes life so much simpler as it give you a way to keep track of your day without having to carry around a clock.

It is said that the first watch of all time was invented by Patek Phillips in 1868. Many individuals today are still accustomed with a Phillips watch and gladly wear them with vanity. Next in chronological order to come out was a ladies watch made by Louis Catrier and it was festooned with diamonds and a gold band as the watch bracelet. This was an instant hit and sparked Cartier to mass produce his line of Kay Women's Watches as well as other styles in 1911.

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When wrist watches were first designed, they were circular in shape but as more and more manufactures got into making watches the shapes and sizes of watches quickly modified itself. Kay Jewelers Watches of all kinds were starting to come out of the wood work such as an army watch which offered the wearer a watch with a strong glass front for going out into battle. It wasn't until 1914 that the first watch with an alarm was introduced.

As years went by, the watch kept advancing is more ways than one could count. There are now watches that run by batteries, watches that are solar powered and watches that talk to you. The history and development of watches has undoubtedly kept us all amazed and they most certainly will keep on growing and developing.

Kay Jeweler is one of the leaders in jewelry market, and provide an amazing collection of Luxury Watches for men and women. In Kay Jewelers Watches, the brands available are found in variations like Alpina, Bulova, Citizens, fossils and Tissot-T. With different metal types in stainless steel, silver, white gold, rose gold or normal gold, to multicolored metals, or mixture of one and two.